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21 Dec 2021

Summer School Holiday Fun

The school holidays are here and it’s the perfect time for kids to connect with nature and explore Centennial Parklands.

With a range of exciting and educational school holiday programs at Centennial Parklands, there’s something for every little curious mind! Take a look at our programs below and register your child for a fun summer experience like no other.

Nature & Art - Eco Art for Kids

Dates: 13, 20 & 28 Jan

Join our friendly and experienced Education Rangers for two hours of creative exploration with nature. Through a series of ephemeral and take-home craft activities, children will be guided to explore the colours, shapes and textures of the natural environment and will learn how natural foraged items can be used to make beautiful pieces of art. This program will encourage children to express themselves beyond pens and paper and expand their creativity to weave into the natural world around them.

Bushrangers - Water World

Dates: 13, 20 & 28 Jan

Keep cool this summer – join our educators for two hours of water fun away from the beach. Learn to make a water filter, avoid the spray of the spitting cobra and explore our ponds with some dip netting. These activities are heaps of fun for kids and they will also gain knowledge that will help them with their STEM classes in the next terms. 

Spotlight Prowl for Families

Dates: 14 & 21 Jan, 4 Feb

Dusk is a wonderful time to spot animals in Centennial Parklands. The Park is home to a variety of nocturnal creatures, from brushtail possums, microbats, and tawny frogmouths to one of Sydney’s largest colonies of grey-headed flying-foxes. 

Join our experienced Rangers for a fascinating and surprising spotlight walk to see how the Park transforms when the sun goes down.

Fairy Escapades

Dates: 14 & 21 Jan

Do you believe in fairies? Come on a magical journey at Centennial Parklands as we meet some mischievous and magical creatures from the hidden world of fairies.

They will share secrets of the fairy world and how they live secretly amongst humans. Find out about the different plants and animals that the fairies live and work in harmony with and learn how we can do the same.
Presented by the Eaton Gorge Theatre Company on behalf of Centennial Parklands.

Taste of Bush School

Dates: 14, 21 & 28 Jan

Want to see what Bush School is about? Come to our school holiday session and join our rangers for a morning of climbing trees, building cubbies, and exploring the great outdoors.

(Re)connect children to nature and experience all of its benefits. Led by our expert team of education rangers, Bush School inspires love for the natural world through games, bushcraft activities, stories and more.

Park Science

Dates: 17 & 24 Jan

Learn about simple machines such as screws, wedges, levers, and pulleys using natural materials and by playing games. Working in teams, you will design and build a pulley system that will be able to lift objects from the ground using a pulley system of your own design. 

This engaging STEAM challenge presents an opportunity for participants to learn the engineering design process and build their own Marvellous Machine. Participants learn how to work in a team, brainstorm, plan, design a blueprint and ultimately - build a machine!

 For a full listing of school holiday activities on this summer in Centennial Parklands visit the website here.
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