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26 Jun 2023

Supporting the Centennial Parklands Foundation Legacy Fund

As we head into the new financial year, it is an opportune time to reflect on the transformative power of philanthropy, such as the work done by Centennial Parklands Foundation (the Foundation), and the significant impact it has on protecting and enhancing our precious Parklands, through various projects and initiatives.

The Foundation's primary objective is to secure funds to support the ongoing preservation, improvement, and enjoyment of the Parklands. Through its Legacy Fund, it has been instrumental in supporting and enhancing the Centennial Parklands over the years with a focus on:
  • Conservation and Environment
  • Nature Education
  • Health and Wellbeing in nature

Thanks to supporters who have generously donated to the End of Financial Year appeal, the Foundation continues to make a positive impact on the community, promoting nature education, preserving tree heritage and other threatened ecosystems, and fostering environmental stewardship.

Below are some of the initiatives that are driven by The Foundation as a result of generous donations to the Legacy Fund over the past 12 months.

Access to Nature Play Programs

One of the Foundation's key objectives is to provide life-changing outdoor learning experiences for children. Through the Education Access Pass Program, disadvantaged or vulnerable youth can have the opportunity to gain access to free nature play programs. Last year alone, nearly 3,000 disadvantaged or vulnerable children and young people were given access to free nature play programs and educational resources. These immersive experiences foster resilience, creativity, and environmental awareness. The Foundation also provided educational resources to inspire more children across Sydney and NSW to connect with and protect the natural world.

Preserving the iconic tree estate

In early 2022 severe weather conditions caused the loss of feature trees, but the Legacy Fund stepped in to replace them. Notably, a magnificent Moreton Bay Fig was planted at the Ian Potter Children's Wild Play Garden, becoming the second-largest tree ever planted in Centennial Park. Additionally, the Horticulture team, using donations from the Legacy Fund, planted 27 new trees in the southwest corner of the Parklands, expanding the open woodland landscape. These trees, sourced from the Royal National Park woodland species, thrive in the park's sandy soils and contribute to its overall beauty and sustainability.

Cultural heritage tours

First Nations' educators led free cultural heritage tours, sharing their deep knowledge of Country and helping visitors connect with the land and its history.

Black swan habitat improvement

The EOFY donations will contribute to the construction of a new pontoon at Kippax Lake, improving the breeding habitat for Black Swans.

Upcoming projects

 This year's donations will go towards the continued conservation and growth of the Centennial Parklands’ magnificent tree estate, improving the breeding habitat for Black Swans and also fund a full time Nature Play Development Manager who will deliver nature play initiatives to help bring our vision of a world-class Nature Education Discovery Space to life. Having an expert in Nature Play at the Parklands will enable us to develop and deliver more programs, and reach even more children and young people, helping them to engage with nature, explore the outdoors, and foster a deeper connection with the natural world so they become environmental stewards.

How you can help

We encourage individuals and organisations to contribute to the Legacy Fund and join the Annual Giving Circle to help secure the future of Centennial Parklands.
Donations can be made to The Legacy Fund at
Supporters who give $250 will be part of the Annual Giving Circle, a group of like-minded supporters who help preserve our Parklands.  There are exclusive events throughout the year. Find out more here.
*The Centennial Foundation and its governors work closely with environmental, conservation, and education experts to identify areas of greatest need and aspirational initiatives. Through a collaborative decision-making process, funds are directed to critical support and the realisation of visionary projects.
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