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24 Jan 2013

Simple idea, big response: The Wish Tree

The Light Garden in Centennial Park has surprised and delighted us all with the response it has received. That shouldn’t be the case. It should come as no surprise to anyone of the place that this Park has in the hearts and minds of the community. One aspect of the event, however, has evoked a truly astonishing response. The Wish Tree.

It started as a simple idea. Give people the freedom to express a wish – a personal wish and/or a wish for the Park. We could not have envisioned the response.

The insightful, the personal, the humourous, the cute, the intimate and the inspirational. This simple element of the event has connected with many.

We invite you to come and attach your wish, come and read others wishes, or come and just admire the physical sight of a community’s innermost thoughts out in the open for all to see.

The ‘wish attachment moment’ – this has been repeated over 2,000 times so far.

The tree becomes electric every evening – with lights and people.

It’s a moment between people…

…and a moment for personal reflection.

Every morning the ‘fruits’ of the previous nights wishes are clearly on display.

It is positivity…

…and optimism for the future.

– posted by Craig Easdown

The Wish Tree is also helping us plan and design the future of Centennial Park. It is the first stage in the development of the Centennial Park Master Plan. This is an exciting project we’ll be undertaking in 2013 – planning the future of this great Park, ensuring it remains relevant to the needs of the community, while retaining its historical character.

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