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26 Feb 2019

Let's keep it clean

Over the past 28 years Australians have donated more than 33 million volunteer hours, removing the equivalent of 350 thousand ute loads of rubbish from over 178 thousand locations across the country all thanks to Clean Up Australia. Every year Centennial Parklands' registers as a 'Clean Up' site, so if you feel like helping this year - join us alongside your local community.

Hundreds of thousands of bags of rubbish and debris have been cleared out by Centennial Parklands Volunteers over the years. Just take a look at our stats from last year:

  • Approximately 18,000 litres of rubbish removed in 2018.
  • On Clean up Australia Day alone we removed 800 litres of rubbish. 

Sometimes our volunteers focus on micro litter like cigarette butts, bottle tops and small items that have been shredded up or even litter in the Ponds which is removed by pool scoops. These small plastics and tiny particles are labour intensive to remove so a lot slower work although valuable for the wildlife that call the Parklands home.

Find out about our next event below. 

Clean Up Australia Day in Centennial Parklands 

  • Time: 9.00 am to 12.00 pm
  • Date: 3 March 2019
  • Meeting location: Banksia Way, Centennial Park (on the grass hill opposite the Parklands Office)


Clean Up Australia Day - Centennial Park 2
Thank you to all of those who have helped Clean Up Australia in Centennial Parklands in years gone by!

Report waste issues

If you are visiting Centennial Parklands and are concerned by a waste issue, please contact the Parklands Office on (02) 9339 6699 or out of office hours: 0412 718 611.

Please enjoy the Parklands and help keep them beautiful all-year-round.

Ongoing volunteer programs

The Parklands has dedicated community and corporate volunteers with over 12 programs, assisting with a range of services from visitor experience, Parklands beautification and important conservation and environmental projects. Learn about the programs and how to get involved here.

Read about how we regularly reduce, reuse and recycle here.

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