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23 Jan 2019

What is twitching and why should you try it?

Twitching, birdwatching - it's the 'trainspotting' of the feathered world. Or is it? What is it really all about?

Birdwatching is the observation of birds for recreational activity. It can involve observing with the naked eye, or by the use of binoculars or other equipment. Despite the name, birdwatching also includes an aural element of listening for bird sounds.

How long have people been birdwatching?

The term 'birdwatching' was first used in 1901, however people have been at it a long time prior to that. There are some indications that the activity now known as birdwatching was occurring as far back as the late 1700's.

In Australia a regular group of ornithologists began meeting regularly in 1896. The Australasian Ornithologists Union was established in 1901. The organisation still exists today, known as Birdlife Australia.

A group of Swedish birdwatchers on a visit to Centennial Park

What you need to know

Birdwatching in Centennial Parklands can be a very rewarding pastime. Not only does the birdlife change on a regular / seasonal basis, but for the more serious it is possible to follow the lifecycle of species such as swans, coots, swamphens and moorhens as they breed.

For the amateur birdwatcher, here's our top three tips:

1. Walk slowly and stop often
2. Listen and wait for the birds to come to you, don't get too close
3. Visit early in the morning

The Garden is home to a pair of Powerful Owls and their Owlet

What birds will I see?

Up to 130 species of land and water birds have been recorded in Centennial Parklands. Over spring and summer it’s possible to spot nestlings and fledglings from our regular residents such as grebes, rainbow lorikeets, and the many species of ducks.

You can see photos and learn more about the birds of the Parklands on our website.

Craig Easdown photographed this kookaburra at Loch Ave
Want to try out birdwatching at Centennial Parklands? We have a  detailed list of tips on our website. To help you further, we've also compiled comprehensive details on the most popular spots to visit and what you will likely see throughout the Parklands. Don’t forget to tag #centparklands when you share your amazing images!


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