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27 Feb 2019

4 family friendly ways to enjoy the Park in March

Parks and green space are more than pretty places, they are the 'green glue' that binds communities and help improve the quality of our lives. 


Centennial Parklands is no exception, it brings millions of people together each year for organised sport, events, picnics, to learn a new skill, social gatherings and even sleep overs. That's the beauty of the Parklands - they are the ultimate in multi-use spaces. 

Here are four fun family activities to do in March.

Explore the Park at dark

Did you know that the Park is a refuge for wildlife including nocturnal creatures? Spotlight Prowl is a unique way see the animals that come to life at night and walk through the Park at dusk - the best time to spot the brushtail possums, microbats, tawny frogmouths and Sydney's largest grey-headed flying foxes that call the Park home. 

flying fox
Both Microbats and Megabats can be seen on the Spotlight Prowl.

Have a picnic

Centennial Park has been the venue for the great Aussie picnic for generations. So grab a basket, some drinks, a picnic rug and head down to the Park and find a spot amongst the many stunning scenery. If coming on a popular day or with a group, book one of our 12 great picnic sights - some of which have room for up to 300 people!

The Frog Hollow picnic site features wooden footbridges and annual flower beds.

Take a horse or pony ride

One of the most iconic features of Centennial Park is the sight of horses riding around the stunning Grand Drive track. What you may not know is that horse riding is open to you - any day of the week. Horse rides are available from the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre and cater for all abilities.

And for the kids, we have pony rides too. So if you can't afford to buy your child a pony, come along for the next best thing and enjoy the Park from a new view.

equestrian centre, centennial park
Horse rides are available for all ages and abilities.

Watch a movie

Bean bags, BYO picnics and Lego. Moonlight Cinema has all the ingredients for an awesome evening with family and friends - March has a great line up including Bohemian Rhapsody, Hotel Mumbai, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Lego Movie 2 and more. The full line up can be viewed here

Get outdoors and enjoy Parks Week

Parks Week is from the 9 – 17 of March 2019, and is a collaboration between the New Zealand Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia. Both countries will be running events to raise awareness of the value of parks and open spaces.

It’s a well-known fact that parks are good for both your physical and mental health, and can help you recover from illness, reduce risk of developing chronic diseases and help to build stronger communities.

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