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21 Aug 2020

Six of Sydney's most romantic spots for couples 

Centennial Parklands has long been one of the most romantic locations in Sydney. But where are the most romantic spots in the Park for couples? Here are some insider tips! 

The beauty and romance of Centennial Parklands is not necessarily a location, but often a location PLUS time of day. Just take a look at this photo that captures this perfectly: 

Centennial Park at dusk. Photo by Amy Scarrott

So, here are our insider tips of where the most romantic spots in Centennial Parklands to impress someone special (and here's a link to our maps if you're unsure of any of the locations mentioned). 

Dusk at Duck Pond, Centennial Park 

So many vantage points, so many scenes, so beautiful. Duck Pond offers so much, and the nature of the pond and its surrounds changes throughout the day. Dusk is certainly a spectacular time of day. Take a seat at the eastern end of the pond and just watch as the sun goes down.

Duck Pond, Centennial Park. Photo by Bettina Cutler

Lunchtime at the Rose Garden and Column Garden 

The Rose Garden and Column Garden can be found next to each other in Centennial Park’s historic heart. With seasonally-changing landscapes showcasing native and exotic plants, these Gardens are particularly stunning over summer when the roses are in full bloom – it’s perfect timing for Valentine’s Day. Why not bring your loved one for a lunchtime stroll through our formal gardens and stop to smell the roses?  

Rose Garden, Centennial Park

Mount Steel, Moore Park 

Mount Steel’s view is a hidden gem - a truly remarkable 360-degree view of the city skyline! Sit and watch the sunset over the city. There are a couple of park benches available to use, or simply bring a picnic blanket and toast Sydney as the sun goes down. 

Mt Steel, Moore Park. Photo by Mark Condon

Sunrise beside One More Shot Pond, Centennial Park 

Sunrise beside One More Shot Pond is just breathtaking. If there is a little fog at dawn, there is the most amazing exposure of light in the area as it filters through the Plane trees, the Swamp Cypress, and the Willows. Best time to experience this is in mid-winter so rug up before you come!

One More Shot Pond, Centennial Park

 Late afternoon at Lily Pond, Centennial Park 

Picnic blanket, beneath the Paperbarks, looking out upon the beautiful Lily Pond with its picturesque white bridge. There's a reason why this is one of the most popular wedding photography locations in the entire Parklands. Best in autumn and spring with the softer afternoon sun giving the lilies on the water and surrounding trees a healthy glow!

Lily Pond, Centennial Park

Pine Grove, Centennial Park 

Pine Grove is a beautiful part of Centennial Parklands, however it's true beauty comes from within. That is, by entering the Grove and getting within and between the trees. This is a space to spread out a picnic blanket and just enjoy the space. Not only is it great to be surrounded by a grove of beautiful pine trees, but it gives you the feeling that you're a million miles from anywhere. 

Pine Grove, Centennial Park

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