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14 Dec 2017

Last minute Christmas gift guide for nature lovers

Need help buying for someone who already has everything? Or how about the person who likes local, unique and sustainable gifts? Try wrapping up one of Centennial Parklands’ gifts that will definitely resonate with the nature lovers in your life.

#1 Gift a new outdoor experience

Park Rides around the dedicated horse track in Centennial Park is an enjoyable and relaxing way to observe this extraordinary sanctuary. Nature enthusiasts will also discover the rich history and unique birdlife in the Park. All equipment is provided so you will be fitted with boots and helmets. Next, you will be introduced to one of the well-trained horses, matched to your riding experience – even if you’ve never sat on a horse in your life!

#2 Honey for your honey

Discover the sweetness of Centennial Parklands’ 100% raw and unheated honey. Each batch of Centennial Park Honey tastes uniquely different. The distinct flavours vary based on the season and combination of nectars collected by the Park’s bees. The bees are more than just honey producers, they are also used for education. The Park teaches the story of native and European bees, and how they contribute directly to the human food chain. So not only is the honey delicious, but it acts as a learning opportunity too!

#3 Sleep over in the Park

A stay at The Residences is a gift of exclusive experiences in the heart of the city. Wander the vast gardens, the meditation labyrinth and duck ponds with a loved one while the city sleeps. Watch the sunrise and be the first visitor to the Park, then indulge in a long breakfast at Centennial Homestead. There are two homes built circa 1890’s to choose from, both have old world charm with modern amenities plus lots of space to spread out – even for the family pooch is invited! Yes, these beautifully restored homes are dog-friendly.

#4 Learn something new

Aboriginal Art Classes

Art and nature with a twist, the Aboriginal Art Class at Centennial Park is a memorable afternoon and a great gift for those that enjoy being in the great outdoors. Not only will they learn how to understand stories told through Aboriginal paintings but also take home their own work of art. The Shared Knowledge Artists will talk through Indigenous art history, painting techniques and Aboriginal ochre paintings.

Centennial Parklands’ is a place of gathering for family and friends. Join us over the Christmas break whether that be for a picnic, a walk, an event or just to take in the air. From all the staff at the Parklands’ we wish you a merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.

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