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Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust

Centennial Parklands is overseen by the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust, which is appointed by the NSW Government. 

Centennial Parklands comes under the authority of the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust (ABN 37 220 827 521).

The Trust is responsible for the long-term strategic planning of the Parklands, as well as the operational day-to-day management of the three parks - Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park. The administration centre for the Trust is the Parklands Office, Centennial Park.

Western Sydney Parklands, Parramatta Park and Centennial Parklands now comes under the combined administration of Greater Sydney Parklands.

Administrative details

The Governmental responsibility for Centennial Parklands falls within the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

The responsible Minister is the Honourable Paul Scully MP, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces.

The management of Centennial Parklands is guided by legislation, most relevantly the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Act 1983.