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11 Mar 2019

50 songs and 3 circuits to get you moving

Turn it up and pound the pavement, it's time to get moving with this playlist. Centennial Parklands is a well-known place for walkers, joggers and runners because of it's idyllic scenery and central location. Here are three popular loops to get your heartbeat up across Queens Park and Centennial Park. 

Ash Paddock 

This is a flat two kilometre run within Centennial Park's Ash Paddock, along Grand Drive and the southern border. The surface is grassy with a soft cushioning of sandy soil and lined with pine trees. It's an off-leash area for dogs with a cafe nearby so bring your fury friend if they need a workout buddy. 

Our favourite song for Ash Paddock is "Always Where I Need To Be"  by The Kooks, find it on our jogging playlist below and keep listening from there for more upbeat music.

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Grand Drive and Ponds 

This is a twist on the classic Grand Drive 3.7 kilometre loop with the addition of jogging around the Ponds making it a total of five kilometres.

It's perfect for all activity levels from first timers to Triathletes because it is relatively flat, there is a sealed track, easy access to bubblers along the way and it's always bustling with activity. 

We recommend starting from the corner of Loch Ave and Grand Drive, once you do the full loop turn down Loch Avenue towards Busby's Pond.

Start this route from the top of the jogging playlist with Kate Perry's "Roar."

Queens Park

The fields at Queens Park are popular for grass roots sports and family picnics, but did you know that the outdoor gym has been rated one of the best in Sydney? The fitness station has exercise equipment designed for strength & mobility training which can be used as an add on to your cardio.  

Double the fun with two laps of the perimeter and you will hit 5 kilometres. If you are looking to challenge yourself it's easy to increase the distance of your circuit by including Moore Park and Centennial Park to build a loop of 10 kilometres. 

The perfect tune to start your workout is "Sexy and I know it" by LMFAO.

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Best playlist for jogging in the Parklands

What are you waiting for? Cancel the gym membership and take advantage of the Parklands as your hub for health. There are several free running and fitness clubs that meet at the Parklands including Rejoov Runners and Girls Run Sydney

Check out the jogging playlist below and get your favourite track added by leaving a comment. 

        Did you know? Avicii’s Australian ‘True Tour’ was played at Centennial Parklands in 2014.

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