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1 Mar 2018

Be one of the first to see PETER RABBIT – metres away from where it was filmed!

We are excited to play host to the advanced screening of the new movie PETER RABBIT on Saturday 17 March 2018! Moonlight Cinema, located in Centennial Park’s picturesque Belvedere Amphitheatre, will open its metaphorical doors to the public for an exclusive showing for all the family to enjoy.

You will love the entertaining mix of mischief, adventure and spirit before the film releases on March 22, and only a few metres from the film’s primary shooting location. 80% of the movie was filmed in the heart of Centennial Park, so be sure to look out for some familiar sights from around the parks as you cosy-up under a blanket and enjoy the show.

The garden and grounds on the set of Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT in Sydney’s Centennial Park

About the movie

Peter Rabbit brings your beloved storybook character to life on the big screen in this irreverent, contemporary comedy with attitude. Peter’s long-term feud with Mr McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) escalates over the delicious treasures of the forbidden garden, as well as their rivalry for the affections of the animal lover and next-door neighbour Bea (Rose Byrne).

Bea (Rose Byrne) with a Peter Rabbit stand-in on the set of Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT.

When and where

Peter Rabbit will screen at the fabulous Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park’s Belvedere Amphitheatre at 8.00 pm. However gates open at 6.30 pm so, hop on down and snuggle up with your family and become one of the first people to see Peter return on the silver screen in Australia.

What to bring

Moonlight Cinema can provide you with hot food, drinks, snacks and bean-bed rentals, or feel free to bring your own! For a more luxury experience, Moonlight’s Gold Grass bean-beds are reserved for you in a premium viewing location with waiter service.


Peter Rabbit @ the Moonlight Cinema is a low-cost, easy night out for all the family. Book your tickets here.

On the set of the garden and grounds for Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT in Centennial Park.


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The behind-the-scene images in this blog were provided by Sony Pictures.

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