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4 Oct 2017

Ladies, Get SwingFit at Moore Park with a Group of your Best Gal Pals!

Long gone are the days where the game of Golf was a male dominated sport. Like everything it has evolved, and one of the biggest changes the sport saw in its time was its inclusion of women. Some, whose skill and determination have led to them taking their place in history on the green.

Women had a key role in the original establishment of the game of ‘golf’ with Mary, Queen of Scots commissioning the building of St Andrews Golf course, now acknowledged by most as the birthplace of golf.

Whilst golf unfortunately was a factor that contributed to her beheading, today women can rest easy know that playing golf won’t lead to the same outcome! Today female golfers are acknowledged in most top clubs and women’s championships are every bit as thrilling as the men’s!

There are few rules that exclude women in the game today, although, traditional golf etiquette still dictates that women must wait for men to go ahead during the game. At Moore Park, that’s not the case! A place synonymous with the sport of golf for more than 130 years, and recognised as the location of Australia’s first golf club, Moore Park Golf is proud to be one of the only clubs in the country where women do not have to wait for the men.

Moore Park offers some fabulous programs for women who want to try something different, that will help keep them fit and get back in shape for summer, all whilst socialising with their gal pals! The latest in world-first women’s only programs, SwingFit and Get Me Started, incorporate basic golf skills and Yoga/Pilates-style exercises to get your whole body moving. The best part – it won’t break the bank! With classes starting from $20, running for 1.5 hours, you know you’re in for lots of laughs and will see some great results in fitness and skill.

Post your golf session why not pop over to the Patio Café to continue your leisurely ladies afternoon over a coffee, or you can end your day with cheeky drinks and nibbles at the Park View Bar and Bistro? The choice is yours!

If you would like to get involved in SwingFit or you’re looking for a progressive open course, where men and women are equal, take a swing at Moore Park Golf today!

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