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19 Aug 2019

Garden makeover for a sensational spring

The month of August is a busy time at Centennial Parklands for those who help to maintain the ever-popular Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden while it undergoes it's annual refresh. If you haven't had a chance to experience this state-of-the-art nature based playspace check out the video below and keep reading to see what we have planned for the big spring reveal.

Rest and rejuvenation 

Planning for the August makeover takes place throughout the year during monthly check-ups but prepping starts in June when the Parklands' assets and horticulture teams start scoping out what needs to be refreshed or adjusted based on how kids are interacting with the space. 

While many of the existing plants are getting pruned and fertilised, the horticulturalists are a busy planting over 500 new plants throughout the Children’s Garden too. We have also re-thought our irrigation system and are giving it a major overhaul to improve its efficiency on the back of recent water restrictions being introduced in Sydney. 

A whopping 70 cubic meters of playbark mulch, enough to cover 700 square meters of ground, will also be added to the garden beds. The sandpits will receive five tones of fresh sand as well as a good clean - it's a popular place for kids to hide rocks, sticks and toys. 

It's not all about what you can see at ground level though , out arborists have been spending time in the tree tops checking canopies and branches that need work before reopening in September.

centennial parklands ian potter childrens wild play garden plants are being refreshed

Spring back into the Garden

The assets team are busy ensuring all paths, fences, and play equipment are in good working order before the summer holiday rush. This year the tree house will get a fresh coat of linseed oil to protect the timber from the wind, sand and sun that come with the longer days of spring and summer in Sydney.

The timber decks, boardwalk and granite paths will get cleaned, new sealant and edging. These are just a few of the jobs taking place in August to ensure the Children’s Garden is a safe enjoyable space for the busy season ahead. 

The Children’s Garden picnic and event spaces will also re-open in September just in time for the warm weather. Find out more information about What's On in the Parklands here

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