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30 Jan 2019

A fairytale wedding

Australia's favourite reality TV show about whirlwind romance is back on air and the most loved up couple of the season had their ceremony and reception here in Centennial Park. We won't go as far to say that the Park was the star of the show, but it did sparkle on the small screen.

Former Cricketer Cam and beauty business manager Jules had a romantic wedding near the picturesque Lily Pond under the natural canopy of paperback trees and rose covered archways. The newly-weds had a few unexpected guests as a family of swans waltzed through, adding to the majestic atmosphere and glamorous decor. 

centennial park, lily pond, duck pond, MAFS, married at first sight
Old-world charm and glitz paired made for a romantic setting at Lily Pond.
Centennial park, lily pond, MAFS
A wedding fit for a princess in Centennial Park. 

Hampton style reception

The happy couple celebrated with friends and family at the nearby Centennial Homestead which sits within the iconic Park making it easy for the guests who surely have a lot to learn about each other  - as does the couple. Whether you are watching for the drama, cringe or laughs - you can't deny that the wedding was exquisite.

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