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11 Mar 2022

Channelling Your Inner Calm

Do you constantly feel caught up by the hustle and bustle of everyday life and wish things would settle down? It all comes down to one thing…mindfulness.

Most people find themselves wishing that the world was a more harmonious place, as there’s no doubt a more harmonious world is a happier place to live in.

But that can’t happen until we have harmony in our local communities, in our homes, and most importantly, in ourselves.

By practising mindfulness for ourselves (and in nature) we can begin to make a difference, and the good thing is, it’s surprisingly easy once you get started!

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a word you often hear thrown around in yoga classes but at the very heart of the concept, it’s a mental state of awareness of one’s feelings and senses.

Whether you’ve had a bad day or have a million thoughts racing through your head, the simple act of taking a moment to yourself and acknowledging what’s happening in your present state is key to being mindful.

Take a look below at the many ways being mindful can help your body and mental health:
  • Mindfulness allows us to rest and relax, even when we’re wide awake, heightening our awareness, so we are better prepared to deal with whatever life brings.
  • It reduces stress and raises mental and physical energy without the need for ‘quick fixes’ like food, alcohol or other medications. Becoming more aware of the beauty, harmony and diversity of nature is the best medicine of all!
  • People who practice mindfulness tend to have better mental and physical wellbeing and less conflict in their lives.
  • Mindfulness cultivates peace and happiness between people as well as within.

Being Mindful at Home

Only have a few minutes at home to be mindful? Try some of our helpful tips below to have you feeling calm…
  1. Make time - even 15 minutes a day - to do nothing but engage in mindfulness exercises
  2. Find a nice place to sit where you can be in natural surroundings or see some from your window – maybe a tree, a hedge, or a patch of grass.
  3. Be aware of your breath, increase your sensory awareness of what is happening both in your body and in the nature around you.
  4. Encourage others to practice mindfulness too!

Harmony in Nature

On Sunday 20 March, Centennial Parklands is celebrating Harmony Day with a special two-hour event, ‘Harmony in Nature - Mindfulness and Nature Connection’ event, to explore mindfulness, slowing down and (re)-connecting to nature in our beautiful Parklands. 

Ahead of Harmony Week (March 21-27), our Harmony Day event invites people from far and wide to unite in one thing we can all share: the beauty of nature in an Australian landscape, and its power to bring us peace and harmony within.
With the professional guidance of one of our staff, you will learn simple and enjoyable exercises where you interact mindfully with nature – sometimes sitting, sometimes walking. Expect to meet people of different backgrounds who love being in nature and access inner peace and harmony with mindfulness techniques.

You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you become, yet how your awareness of your natural surrounding increases. This heightened awareness can give you more energy and more love for life – and you can practice these again and again wherever you are, whoever you are with!

What are you waiting for? Book now and prepare for an outdoor journey to inner peace.

Harmony in Nature - Mindfulness and Nature Connection Details
When: Sunday March 20, 10am - 12pm
Price: $39
Duration: 2 Hours
Where: The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre
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