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Nature Play

Nature pedagogy is the practice of teaching and learning with nature, its methodologies are used in some form in most parts of the world.

Also known as Forest School, Nature Kindergarten, Udeskole and Wilderness Awareness School, here in Australia nature pedagogy is commonly known as Bush Kinder.

The aim of the practice is to teach holistically through the engagement of hands, heart and mind alongside nature to develop the whole learner, cognitively, socially and physically.

The need for this kind of learning is growing as our society becomes more urbanised and sedentary and our connection to the natural world becomes lost. There is an abundance of research telling us that nature is fundamentally beneficial and leads to well-being, health and happiness.

Nature Play Programs

Our programs and activities aim to provide opportunities to members of our community who wish to bring nature back into their lives and minds.

We offer programs for all ages and abilities during the week, on weekends and in school holidays. Our regular programs include our award-winning Bush School, OOSH in the Bush, the Family Nature Club, Kids vs Wild and the CP Bushrangers.  

We also run training courses on the practice of nature pedagogy and have seasonal programs for adults.