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24 Apr 2020

Conquer term two at home with us

Are you in need of some motivation
To get through this period of isolation?
Here are some ideas for your consideration
The kids won’t even know they’re getting an education!

It’s term two of the school year and day one thousand six hundred and eighty two of self-isolation. The kids are bouncing off the walls, and you really wish you paid attention to long division in school so you can help with today’s math lesson. It’s tough, we get it.

But our expert Education Team are here to help!

We have some fun, simple, and stress-free ideas that will keep your child entertained and support their learning along the way.

All of these activities, like our school excursions, follow our education philosophy:

  • encourage a sense of wonder

  • children learn best through play and discovery

  • foster an appreciation for nature

For encouraging quiet time

Now more than ever, taking a moment to stop, sit and just ‘be’ is vital. Spending some quiet time out in nature is a multi-sensory experience that has numerous benefits to our mental health. A must-do activity – get the whole family out in the backyard!

Download our Stop and Spot activity sheet to guide you on your sensory journey.

For the geography lesson

What do pirates have to do with geography? Treasure maps, of course! Children will practice their mapping skills, and then challenge a partner to find a secret treasure.

Learn how to create your own treasure map and send someone on a hunt here.

For when you need them to learn on their own

Did you know that the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan in South West Sydney is home to the largest remaining remnant of the critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland? In this online activity, children will explore the Woodland and learn about the plants and animals that call it home.

Open this link to take a virtual woodland wander in the Cumberland Plain Woodland, and see what you can find

For the child who needs to MOVE!

Need an activity for your child who’s bursting with energy? Here’s one that combines physical activity, problem solving, STEM challenges, and can be done indoors or outdoors. Older kids can help younger kids, or children can challenge their parents to complete the course.

Tackle the obstacle course.

For when you want siblings to play together

Just try to stop the kids from learning about these amazing plant adaptations. Together, they’ll discover the exciting and sometimes dangerous world of carnivorous plants. What’s for dinner?

Play fly trap snap.

For the science lesson

Do you know what’s living in your backyard? This interactive activity will open your little one’s eyes to the wonders of the extensive invertebrate life that is all around us. By learning about these important creatures, children will develop a sense of care and understanding for our insect friends. Positive experiences like this help our children cultivate a love of nature and become future stewards of the environment.

Get closer here.

For the creative kid

Being creative is more than having an artistic flair. It’s also about encouraging imagination, resourcefulness, and problem solving. Being creative in nature and using loose parts has been shown to be particularly helpful for children.

Learn about echidnas and make a puggle.

For those who don’t have a backyard

Did you know that even just looking at nature through your window can have a positive, calming effect? This activity guides your child on a multi-sensory experience of the local environment from the indoors.

Take time for a visual exploration of your neighbourhood here.

We hope you enjoyed this mix of virtual and tactical adventures for kids. We are updating more resources for parents and teachers at Living Learning on our website, so be sure to keep coming back!

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