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8 Jan 2013

Centennial Park 125th Logo – the grass version

In the build up to the Centennial Park 125th Anniversary celebrations, we’ve engaged our friends at Best Signs to help us out with telling everyone about the anniversary.

Here’s what happened:

Our sign painting friend spent a few minutes deciphering our instructions…

A painting of a thousand strokes starts with a single paint dot…

Doing the slow reveal…park visitors passing wondered what was being spelt out: “Sin? Sing? Singe?”

OK, it’s starting to take shape…

Aah, now we see where this is going…

Add some white background and…

Voila! One Centennial Park 125th Anniversary Logo!

Not bad, not bad at all. A great grass painting representation of our celebration logo:

Don’t forget to visit

Please drop by and admire this artistic creation…and join us from 18-27 January in The Light Garden to help celebrate Centennial Park’s 125th birthday!

Do you have a favourite story or memory of Centennial Park? Perhaps the first time you discovered the place…the best family picnic you ever had…the greatest sporting moment in your career…the time you proposed to your husband/wife under your favourite tree…anything really. We want to hear all the stories that you have about you in Centennial Park. Share your story here.

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