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21 Aug 2018

Discover Outdoor Classroom Day with Nature Play Australia at Centennial Parklands

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to inspire kids to learn outdoors. It is a day to celebrate existing programs and introduce outdoor learning to schools.  This year, enjoy Outdoor Classroom Day in Centennial Parklands on the 1 November but signing your school up and joining the global movement.

All NSW schools and early learning centres are invited to participate in Outdoor Classroom Day. Around Australia there are already 530 schools signed up to the campaign, totalling almost 84,000 children!

Why is Outdoor Classroom Day important?

Taking lessons outside improves leaning outcomes, improves behaviour and concentration; it is a great way for students to undertake peer to peer learning and develop their social skills. Outdoor learning also benefits teachers too, teachers who take their kids outside on a regular basis have less sick days, report of a higher level of well-being and are able to get to know their children better.

Get involved at Centennial Parklands

  In 2017, was the first time Australian Schools got involved in the international event. The day was a huge success. Our Lady of the Assumption teacher Antonina Fieni, took her class outside as part of the event. Reflecting on the day she said:
“This day not only engaged our students in well planned outdoor curriculum based learning activities but also gave teachers the confidence to trial these activities regularly at school.”  

If you would like to get involved and be part of a global movement click the link below:

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