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7 Mar 2018

New game helps to teach kids recycling

To celebrate Parks Week 2018, we have signed up to an exciting new augmented reality game with an educational twist – “Ever Green”. The game has been released across Australia through their popular app Magical Parks, and can be played right now for a limited time in Centennial Park!

The kid friendly game is designed to get kids outdoors, active and healthy. This year’s release comes with a great environmental lesson. “Ever Green” encourages families to get out and explore their local parks whilst learning the fundamentals of recycling and rubbish collection.

What’s new this year

Developed by Geo A.R, “Ever Green” combines environmental education with fun for all the family. ‘Feed the Trees’ by picking up litter and feeding the magical trees whilst being surrounded by fairies and nymphs. Collect points and help the dragons recover the magic crystals!

All you need to do is download the Magical Parks app from your app store, register and go! You can play it now in our popular picnic area in Centennial Park’s Frog Hollow. Lie back and relax in the sun whilst you watch the kids run around picking up imaginary litter and making you proud by saving a fantasy world.

The game will be available in the Park from the 10 – 25 March 2018.

Who are Geo A.R

Geo A.R develop mobile outdoor gaming to get kids off the couch and outside through the use of Augmented Reality. Kids can be entertained for hours on end by seeing all sorts of magical fairy-tale creatures through their screens. Every year a new theme is released to celebrate Australia & New Zealand Parks Week, from aliens to terrifying dinosaurs that might just chase you!

What is Parks Week

Parks Week is from the 10 – 25 of March 2018, and is a collaboration between the New Zealand Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia. Both countries will be running events to raise awareness of the value of parks and open spaces.

It’s a well-known fact that parks are good for both your physical and mental health, and can help you recover from illness, reduce risk of developing chronic diseases and help to build stronger communities.

So come and help us celebrate Parks Week in Centennial Park!

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