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6 Oct 2017

Photos of the Week: Stopping to Smell the Roses

One of the things you love most about Centennial Parklands is the beautiful natural surrounds. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing walk through a field, picking up some fresh flowers from the markets at @eqmoorepark, or building a fort out of sticks and bark, ‘CP’ is the place to be! Below are our fave snaps of you ‘stopping to smell the roses’ and taking it all in.

Remember to get involved by sharing your snaps, tagging us with @centparklands and #centennialparklands and we will ask for permission to use the photos.

Image credit: @emma_ma1229 #sydney #photoshoot #centennialpark (Centennial Park)

Image credit: @elisearodburford#centennialpark #lovetrees (Centennial Park)

Image credit: boofybloke2/2 – Autumn flowers at Centennial Homestead. (Centennial Park)

Like Comment 71 likes lImage credit: @enza_photoart The weather in Sydney is perfect today! (Centennial Park)

Image credit: @shelleypfisterdesignco #ranunculus for the flower market win today ????????#freshlypicked #blooms #flowerstagram #interiordesign #thatsdarling (Moore Park)

Image credit: @indy_cabreraMarkets ????????????@mooreparkfoodiesmarket .(Moore Park)

Image credit: @morbones Aussie wild flowers #nativeflora #aussiewildflowers #marketday (Moore Park)

Image credit: @oliverang Walk in the park. (Centennial Park)

Image credit: @annamurrayphoto Boys being boys❤️A simple stick in child’s hands can be anything: a construction tool, a music instrument, an accessory to scientific discovery. To a young child a stick is anything but simple ???? (Centennial Park)

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