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School Programs

Centennial Parklands' program provides innovative and exciting learning activities for children from early years and foundation stage through to Year 12.

Centennial Parklands is the place for school excursion programs with a difference! Our Educators have designed an exciting program of experiential learning in Centennial Park (featuring the Botany Wetlands, Lachlan Swamp, bush landscape, a fresh aquifer and Banksia scrubland).

Our school excursion programs provide a learning experience as far removed from the everyday classroom experience as possible. We offer hands-on learning and immersive opportunities to deliver outcomes that can make a positive impact on a learner for years to come.

The Parklands' diverse landscapes provide the perfect location to experience ‘hands-on nature’ and fieldwork. Our sessions are full of fun activities that aim to include all learning styles, providing excellent learning and value for both the students and teachers.

Centennial Parklands’ Education team is a group of professional, innovative and experienced educators who deliver play-based learning specific to the Parklands environment.

Our education programs are curriculum-based and interactive.

Each session includes:

  • access to the learning habitats

  • access to the Discovery Centre located at the Education Precinct

  • support material including session outline, worksheets (where appropriate) and teaching resources

  • equipment and field teaching resources

  • safety information including risk assessments.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone (02) 9339 6645.

Risk Assessment