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3 Apr 2013

Update on the donated bikes from Centennial Parklands

Late last year we told you a story about our donation of more than 50 bicycles, scooters and other equipment to the charity, Life Without Barriers. An article appeared in this week’s Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser updating the story and providing completion of a successful and heartwarming project.

A quick bit of background…

Two lucky kids came to Centennial Park to pick out their bikes and help with the handover!

Two lucky kids came to Centennial Park to pick out their bikes and help with the handover!

Every year Centennial Parklands collects a lot of lost property, or left items, that remain unclaimed. After holding items for 6 to 12 months (depending on the type of item), we then dispose of items appropriately. On this occasion, we had a large collection of bicycles and scooters which had remained in our back storage for 12 months. Some were in good condition, some in deteriorating or poor condition.

How to best dispose of items is always a challenging decision. We view landfill disposal as the last resort option, so began a hunt to find a good cause and a new home for the many bikes and scooters. This year we came across the organisation, Life Without Barriers. Their work and their cause seemed to fit the bill, so we contacted them.

The Life Without Barriers team were delighted, however were not able to collect, clean and repair any items that were not in top condition.

We needed some help!

Step forward the bankers!

Some generous staff from ANZ Bank came to the Parklands and cleaned the bikes and scooters for us. The handover of the bikes, scooters and equipment was then organised, with good condition items finding immediate homes.

What of the equipment that needed some restoration?

Step forward the Airds/Bradbury Men’s Shed! Instead of telling you about it, you can read the Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser article below:

Article taken from Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser (F2 network)

Article from Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser (F2 network)

Our thanks!

We are delighted that this project has now been completed, and a difference has been made in the lives of some of our youngest and most vulnerable kids. We would like to thank the following groups and organisations for their part in this project:

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Lost an item of property in Centennial Parklands? We have repatriated hundreds of items with their owners annually. If you lose an item in Centennial Parklands, the first advice is to (if you haven’t left the Parklands) retrace your steps or place that you were sitting.

Secondly, phone the Parklands Office in Centennial Park. We can then reunite you with your possession if they are handed in by other park visitors or found by Parklands Rangers.

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