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Up to 130 species of land and water birds have been recorded in Centennial Parklands. If you've always wanted to try birding, get started now and check out the list of birds that have been sighted in the Parklands below.

What if I can’t tell the difference between an Australian Wood Duck and a Purple Swamp Hen?

Birdlife Australia's handy Birds in Backyards website offers a treasure trove of information about Australian birds.

Once you’ve worked out what your feathered friend is, send us an email and let us know! If your bird isn’t already on the Bird Spotting Challenge list we’ll add it for you.

Bird surveys

Centennial Park Rangers are very familiar with the birdlife of the Parklands and have put together a collection of bird watching tips so you know which birds are best seen where and how to spot them. Visit our bird watching page to learn more.

Bird watching across the seasons in the Parklands can be a very rewarding pastime. It is possible to follow the lifecycle of species such as Black Swans, Coots, Swamp Hens and Moor Hens as they breed.

Bird Watching Tips

  • Walk slowly and stop often

  • Listen and wait for birds to come to you, don’t try to get too close

  • Visit different ponds to observe a range of species

  • Have fun!

    This information was curated by a team of passionate Centennial Parklands volunteers. Find out more about our volunteer programs here