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Virtual Mindful Nature for Primary & Secondary Students

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Early Stage 1 & Stage 1

Give your mind a break…

Join us for half an hour of storytelling, movement, sensory meditation, and reflective art creation and feel the healing effects of mindfulness!

Our experienced Nature Educators will lead you through a session to create space in each student’s mind and enable them to feel calm afterwards.

Children of all ages can benefit from these tools and the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. It'll also help teachers, parents and caregivers by promoting happiness, creating connection and relieving stress.

Research shows that mindfulness leads to reduced stress, anxiety and depression. It also improves academic skills, attention and concentration as well as social skills and self-esteem through developing emotional and behaviour regulation skills.*

Book your Virtual Excursion via the Book Now button. Delivered via Zoom.

Curriculum Links:

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Stage 1
PD1-2 - Recognises and describes strategies people can use to feel comfortable, resilient and safe in situations
PD1-4 - Performs movement skills in a variety of sequences and situations

Stage 2
PD2-2 - Explains and uses strategies to develop resilience and to make them feel comfortable and safe
PD2-4 - Performs and refines movement skills in a variety of sequences and situations

Stage 3
PD-3-2 - Investigates information, community resources and strategies to demonstrate resilience and seek help for themselves and others
PD3-4 - Adapts movement skills in a variety of physical activity contexts





30 Minutes


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