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Excursion extensions

All years excursion activity add-ons and cross curricular activities (minimum 1 hour).

The majority of our excursions take 2.5 hrs. Why not add an addtional hour onto your visit to either extend the depth of learning of your chosen subject or add on a cross curriucular experience. 

An add-on session to reinforce student learning through a child-centred nature play experience.
An add-on session where students will reinforce their field work learning through making sculptures and artworks out of natural materials.
An add-on session about sustainability: why do we need to recycle, compost and reduce our impact on the earth? Students will play games and explore simple, positive ways to help sustain our planet.
An add-on session to learn and use geographic skills with a map and compass to navigate around an orienteering course in a team.
An add-on session to introduce students to the wonderful world of maps and geographical skills through games and a treasure hunt.

Book an add-on to your excursion in December or February and pay only $30 per class (max. 33). This is a $60 saving!

For more information including fees and booking conditions, please see our rate card and terms and conditions.