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Summer 2024 - Nature Play activities

Our Bush School was buzzing with bird excitement during the summertime, as children enjoyed observing the cormorants, swamp hens, ducks and ibises at the pond, and welcomed frequent visits from magpies, butcherbirds, grey herons, and kookaburras in the outdoor classroom. We were even treated to the rare sighting of a channel billed cuckoo! 

Drawing upon the children's interest and connection to the birdlife in the park, we are sharing some bird inspired activities for you to enjoy during the school holidays while Bush School is on break.

Check out these fun activities we created just for you.

Nature Play summertime activities

Ranger Dani's got a secret bird song just for you! Check it out in this musical video.

Dive into the world of DIY bird crafts! Download our activity sheet, grab some supplies, and let the creative feathers fly!
Get ready for a bird scavenger hunt on 'Birds in Backyards.' It's not just about finding them; there are facts, bird calls, and more surprises waiting. Get started!
Did you know nests are more than just sticks? Explore the wild world of nest building and egg laying. Find out more about the life cycle of a bird!
Create a cool nature journal to draw and count the birds you spot this summer. Come show us your journal when you come back to Bush School in February.

If you want to experience more nature play and want to dive deep into the wild, sign up for our Bush School program. We've got pond explorations, cicada life lessons, nature listening sessions, and even a chance to start your own bush orchestra!

Get your nature fix this summer, right in the middle of the city with our camping program or join our spotlight prowl events. Nature's calling, and we've got a front-row seat just for you and your mini explorers. Let's make this summer unforgettable!