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Guess the Habitat!

Guess the Habitat!

Use your detective skills to deduce the environment an animal is adapted to, based solely on its structural features!



1. Examine the images of the unique animals above.

2. Select one of these animals and examine its structural adaptations using only the images provided.

3. Create a list of all the structural features you can see and describe the function of these features. Record your ideas in a table like the one below.
Structural adaptation Function
4. Based on these structural adaptations, deduce the type of environment this animal lives in.

5. Create this habitat using Minecraft: Education edition. Consider all biotic and abiotic elements of its habitat including colours, water availability, topographic features, type of soil, type of vegetation, etc.
Alternative task: Draw your habitat by hand, create a collage using natural materials found in the schoolyard, or use image editing software (including 3D design tools) to represent your habitat.

6. Label a screenshot of your habitat showcasing your key design features. In your labels, add a brief justification of why you included each environmental feature.

7. Identify the name of your chosen animal and research its habitat. Assess your creation by identifying any similarities and differences between your creation and the animal’s real-world habitat. Record these as a Venn Diagram.