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Flower Features

Have you ever visited The Calyx building at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney? Do you know what a calyx is?

A calyx is the outer part of the flower formed by the sepals that covers and protects the petals.  Did you know that this building’s design is modelled on a flower? Flowers are important as they help the plant reproduce, provide food for animals to eat and some can be used to make medicines.  

Why are Flowers Important?


The Parts of a Flower

Take a 360 degree virtual tour to see how the calyx of a flower became an inspiration for our Calyx building at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Activities - Flower Features

1. Make your own find-a-word.

Not all plants produce flowers, but all flowers are important. Watch the video 'Why are Flowers Important?' and write down 10 ‘flowery’ words you hear. Check the spelling of them and then make your own find-a-word. Test a friend. 

2. Be creative

Explore the 360 degree virtual tour of the Calyx building at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Can you see which parts of the building match up with parts of a flower? See if you can find them on this aerial view line drawing of The Calyx. Print this drawing and get creative.... you could complete the repeated pattern, colour it in or make a 3D model.

3. Observe and draw

Go outside into a garden and see if you can find any flowers blooming. Focus on the different shapes, colours and parts of the flower. Why do you think they look different? Draw some of the flowers you see and label the different parts: petal, sepal, anther, filament, stigma, style, ovary, stamen and pistil. Use the diagram of flower parts to help.

4. Dissect a flower

With the help of an adult, dissect a flower. Watch the video below to see how you can do this. Tape and label the different flower parts onto the 'Flower Dissection' activity sheet.