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Who will we meet?

Living things are all around us if we know where to look.

Meet Percy the Brushtail possum! Percy lives in Centennial Parklands and like all creatures, she gets what she needs to survive from the place where she lives. What do creatures need to survive? 

Illustrations of a possum in a next box, eating a fruit and drinking water

What other creatures live in Centennial Parklands?

Activities - Who will we meet?

Cartoon drawing of a kid looking for bugs1. Bug Hunt

Where do bugs live? Where would you find them? Take a magnifying glass and get searching! Remember when we go looking for bugs it is important not to disturb them or remove them from their home - we just want to observe.

  • What types of bugs did you find?
  • How many bugs did you find?
  • Where did you find them?
  • What do they need to survive?
  • How do they get these things?
Click here to download a worksheet PDF.


Cartoon drawing of a kid drawing

2. Create an imaginary creature

Invent a fantastic creature and then make it using clay or play dough and natural materials such as sticks, rocks, leaves and anything else you can find! You can make play dough with this recipe:

Click here to see our play dough recipe.


Cartoon drawing of a kid building a cubby house

3. Build a home for your creature

Think about what your creature needs: food, water, and shelter. What else does it need? Protection from predators? Protection from the weather? Build your creature’s home from found natural materials or other objects you might have.

Cartoon drawing of a kid in a tree4. Take your creature on a journey

Think about the habitat it needs, how it might get food, how it protects itself against predators (things that might eat it), and who are its friends? Why would your creature be going on a journey? You can be as imaginative as you like. Write and illustrate a picture book of the journey.