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Nature Play for all: Empowering inclusive outdoor education.

This 3-hour professional development course caters to educators, teachers and community workers seeking to facilitate nature play experiences for children with diverse needs.

Delivered by Centennial Parklands Education Staff in our outdoor classroom, this program will be held mostly outside.

The three main components include:

  • Establishing routines and schedules for inclusive outdoor engagement.
  • Creating a conducive outdoor environment for success.
  • Exploring the educator's role and collaborative goal achievement outdoors.

Educators gain knowledge and skills to establish and navigate inclusive outdoor experiences. Emphasis is placed on establishing core routines and meaningfully engaging children in outdoor activities. The course addresses c various needs and neurodivergences, such as anxiety, ADHD, ASD, behavioural concerns, and sensory processing needs. The focus will be on how to provide scaffolding and support to children for successful outdoor learning. Please note that the course covers a variety of needs and can be tailored for groups of educators.
Contact us to find out more. While mobility needs or other high needs in general are not a direct focus for the course we aim to open opportunities for more children so please contact us to see how we can work together. The educators facilitating this course have wide and varied experiences and knowledge supporting children with diverse needs and disabilities in outdoor spaces.

Dates: Express your interest in hosting a professional development course in your learning space.

We are taking our Professional Development Courses on the Road:

Our Greater Sydney Parklands educators are bringing our professional development courses to your school, early childhood centre or local green space. We are seeking expressions of interest to deliver either our full-day 5 hour NESA accredited Introduction to Outdoor Learning, Bush School and Nature Play program, or 2 or 3 hour professional development courses.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs -

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