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Centennial Parklands is managed by Greater Sydney Parklands, a NSW Government agency constituted under the Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Act 2022.

Greater Sydney Parklands brings together some of Sydney’s most iconic parks: Centennial Parklands (including Moore Park and Queens Park), Western Sydney ParklandsParramatta ParkCallan Park and Fernhill Estate.
Centennial Parklands is governed by the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Act 1983.

Under section 8 of the Act, the principal objects of the Trust are:

(a) to maintain and improve the Trust lands,

(b) to encourage the use and enjoyment of the Trust lands by the public by promoting and increasing the recreational, historical, scientific, educational, cultural and environmental value of those lands,

(c) to maintain the right of the public to the use of the Trust lands,

(d) to ensure the protection of the environment within the Trust lands, and

(e) such other objects, consistent with the functions of the Trust in relation to the Trust lands, as the Trust considers appropriate.

For a comprehensive list of regulations in Centennial Parklands please ensure you refer to the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Regulation 2014.

Further information

Any enquiries concerning the Act or Regulation can be directed to:

Chief Executive
Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust
Locked Bag 15
Paddington NSW 2021
Ph: (02) 9339 6699
Fax: (02) 9360 4215