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1 Oct, 3 Oct, 5 Nov, 7 Nov, 3 Dec, 5 Dec, 19 Dec

Labyrinth Walk

Regular group labyrinth walks are held at the Centennial Park Labyrinth every month.

Come and experience the powerful metaphor of the labyrinth in a group setting. It's an opportunity to learn more about the labyrinth and to remind yourself what it is to simply be in community in a gentle, peaceful way.

These events are free and open to all. The labyrinth is on Dickens Drive.

Please see the Sydney Labyrinth website for more details.

Upcoming walks:
  • Sun 2nd Jan: Kate Thornley @9am
  • Sun 6th Feb: Annalise Thomas @9am
  • Sun 6th Mar: Matthew Evans @9am
  • Sun 20th March: Autumn Equinox with Desiree DeKlerk @ 8am
  • Sun 3rd April: Elizabeth MacGregor @9am
  • Sun 1st May: Desiree DeKlerk @9am
  • Sat 7th May: World Labyrinth Day with Heather Middleton @1pm
  • Sun 5th June: Elizabeth Lee @9am
  • Sun 19th June: Winter Solstice @8am
  • Sun 3rd July: Erica Webber @9am
  • Sun 7th August: Sally Longley @9am
  • Sun 4th Sept: Penny Jones @9am
  • Sun 18th Sept: Spring Equinox with Robyn Katz @ 8am
  • Sun 2nd Oct: Kate Thornley @9am
  • Sun 6th Nov: Maja Skrlj @9am
  • Sun 4th Dec: Heather Keens @9am
  • Sun 18th Dec: Summer Solstice with Maja Skrlj @7am


1 Oct, 3 Oct, 5 Nov, 7 Nov, 3 Dec, 5 Dec, 19 Dec




Centennial Park Labyrinth


All Welcome