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Centennial Parklands is the perfect place to enjoy the quintessentially Australian experience of having a barbecue. 

There are eight free electric barbecues available for your use in the Parklands, each of which has two hotplates.

Finding a BBQ is easy – all you need to do is bring your food, family and friends

You'll find BBQs in the following locations:

  • Adjacent to the playground near Paddington Gates, Centennial Park

  • Model Yacht Pond, Centennial Park

  • Musgrave Avenue, Centennial Park

  • Ash Paddock, Centennial Park

  • Learner’s Cycleway, Centennial Park

  • Paperbark Grove, Centennial Park

  • Darley Road, Queens Park

  • South Dowling Street, near the western side of Moore Park 

Scroll down to view maps and information about Parking near Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park.

BBQ rules of use

Centennial Parklands' barbecues operate on a first-come basis and cannot be booked.

The Parklands' barbecues are provided on a mutual responsibility basis – the Trust will maintain and keep the barbecues in working order, while users are responsible for cleaning the hotplates after use, out of respect for the next users.

What to do if you find a faulty barbecue

If you find Parklands barbecue out-of-order, please contact the Parklands Office on (02) 9339 6699 or email us

Am I allowed to bring my own barbecue to Centennial Park?

You are permitted to bring in portable barbecues with legs only (you are not permitted barbecues that sit on the grass). No portable barbecues permitted during periods of total fire ban – find the latest Fire Danger Ratings.  

Dumping hot coals, lighting fires and lighting fireworks are all prohibited in the Parklands. Fines may apply.

Please refer to the Parklands Rules and Regulations to learn more about barbecue use in Centennial Parklands.