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Two new rose varieties have been planted in Centennial Park’s Rose Garden. Both the Chihuly and Graham Thomas rose varieties were chosen to complement the existing range of colours on display in the Rose Garden, as well as for their excellent disease resistance.

Chihuly is a Floribunda (or cluster flowering) rose named after the American glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Synonymous with the work of its namesake, Chihuly is a spectacularly showy, multi-coloured rose which was released in 2005.

It produces a remarkable floral display characterised by clusters of small flowers at the top of each stem. As the sun hits the flowers, they transform in colour from a subtly striped apricot-yellow to a dazzling orange and deep red. The foliage is a deep dark-green with mahogany coloured new growth.

The Graham Thomas variety is one of the most popular English roses, cultivated by well-known rose breeder David Austen. This modern shrub variety is named in honour of Grant Stuart Thomas, a famed English rosarian, garden designer, author and plant expert.

The outer petals of this exceptionally beautiful pure yellow flower interlace to form a perfectly cupped circle shape. The shrub is very strong growing and flowers almost continuously throughout the year, exhibiting a pleasant tea fragrance. This variety has been bred from the Iceberg rose and has inherited very strong resistance to disease.

Where can Roses be seen in the Parklands?

To see these and many other spectacular rose varieties, visit Centennial Park’s Rose Garden, located at the intersection of Dickens and Parkes Drives.

Discover the Rose Garden

Director Joseph Maiden first planted a Rosarium on the site of the current Rose Garden in 1909, subsequent plantings have been popular with visitors to the Park.

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