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Frangipani Tree


Frangipani Tree

Botanical name:

Plumeria rubra var. acutifolia


The Frangipani tree is a small to medium sized deciduous tree native to Mexico and Central America. It is a member of the Apocynaceae family, which is the plant family of many jasmine species.

The Frangipani features dark green, glossy leaves and spectacular white and yellow perfumed flowers that cover the tree from spring through summer. The tree will grow much better in full sun and can potentially get to a height of eight metres, although they can be planted in a pot or planter box, which will reduce the size.

Frangipanis prefer a well drained soil with regular watering over the summer. Watering should be less frequent in winter, as the tree can be prone to rot. Frangipani rust can also be a problem. Propagation is relatively easy using stem cuttings and allowing the cuttings to dry out before placing into potting mix.

Where can the Frangipani Tree be seen in the Parklands?

Several specimens of Frangipani have been planted within Centennial Parklands in recent times. Some have been planted in the Column Garden in amongst similar tropical plants. Two have been installed into raised planter boxes that feature within the new Education Precinct.

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History comes alive in the Park

The Column Garden is so-named because it features two 1860's sandstone columns that were originally part of the portico at the Australian Museum. 

Donate and dedicate a tree

Make a donation to the Centennial Parklands Foundation and you could be contributing to the conservation and planting of trees in the Parklands.