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Wedding Ceremony - Terms and Conditions

You must abide by Centennial Parklands Regulations. Below are some additional terms and conditions that must also be adhered to.
Alcohol may be brought into Centennial Parklands providing all State laws are adhered to and alcohol is consumed responsibly. Please take empty bottles and cans with you when leaving the site and ensure that no broken glass is left behind. Fines apply for waste left onsite. 
Payment will be taken upon confirmation of your booking. Your booking is not confirmed until full payment has been received.

You should be aware that Centennial Parklands is a community venue and that other non-related activities may be occurring throughout the Parklands at the time of your booking. This may include concerts and large community events that are booked throughout the year. We will endeavour to limit wedding bookings on the day of a major event. If a confirmed event booking exists, we will make the potential impacts known to you at the time of booking.

For wedding bookings made well in advance, notification may not be possible at the time of booking. The Trust reserves the right to cancel bookings up to six months in advance of the booking date or relocate a booking up to three months in advance of a booking and will refund any payments in full upon cancellation. No further compensation will be payable.

Cancellations unrelated to wet weather:

All cancellations unrelated to wet weather must be made in writing to

The following fees will apply:

  • Cancellations received in writing more than 10 working days prior to the booking date will be refunded minus administration fee. Please see weddings rate card.

  • Cancellations received in writing between five and 10 working days prior to the booking date will receive a 50% refund minus administration fee. Please see weddings rate card.

  • Cancellations received in writing within five working days of the booking date will not be refunded.

Wet weather cancellations:

If you wish to cancel your booking due to wet weather, please contact the Parklands Rangers on 0412 718 611 before midday on the day of your booking. Please leave a voicemail if there is no response or the office is closed. Within 14 days of your booking you are required to re-confirm the cancellation in writing to:

In this instance your booking will be refunded minus an administration fee. If notification is not received before midday on the booked date, a refund will not be issued.

Whilst general and recycling waste bins are provided throughout the Parklands, we ask that you or your caterer take your rubbish with you when you leave.
Parklands regulations do not permit the attachment of decorations, balloons, signage, banners or other items to trees, buildings, heritage features or other fixed structures. Party streamers and confetti, are also not permitted.
The lighting of fires or sparklers and discharging of fireworks is prohibited.
Centennial Parklands is an increasingly important wildlife refuge. Please do not harass or feed aquatic life or birds, pick flowers, take cuttings of plants or otherwise damage animal or plant life. Fines apply for these actions.
The Applicant or any of the Associated Persons shall indemnify the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust (the Parklands) against:
  1. loss of or damage to property of the parklands; and
  2. claims by any person against the Parklands in respect of personal injury or death, or loss of or damage to any property, arising out of or as a consequence of the Applicant’s use of the Venue or the Venue Facilities, but the Applicant’s liability to indemnify the Parklands shall be reduced proportionately to the extent that any act or omission of the Parklands or employees of the Parklands may have contributed to the loss, damage, death or injury.
All requests by Parklands Rangers and other authorised staff must be followed with regard to the set up and pack away of equipment.

Any equipment left unattended in the Parklands is at your own risk. Centennial Parklands takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your property.

Any incidents or accidents should be reported immediately to the Parklands Ranger by calling 0412 718 611.

Bookings are for exclusive use of a designated wedding ceremony site within Centennial Park and do not include any park infrastructure, such as BBQs, tables, benches or playgrounds located at or near the site.

Wedding ceremonies must not interfere with the general use of public facilities.

All third party suppliers, where permitted, must have Public Liability Insurance to the value of $10 million.

We reserve the right to request evidence of the supplier’s insurance prior to the applicant being provided use of the Parklands location, such evidence to be in the form of a certificate of currency issued by the Insurer (not the Broker).
You are not permitted to sell tickets, conduct commercial activities or sell products, including alcohol as part of a wedding booking.
Centennial Parklands reserves the right to decline wedding ceremony booking applications and to adjust or vary these terms and conditions without explanation. Booking fees are payable in advance and a booking is not confirmed until payment of booking fees is recevied. Fees are GST inclusive unless otherwise specified.
Vehicles are only permitted on public roads within Centennial Parklands. No vehicles may drive on the grass or off the public roads.

Learn more about Centennial Parklands regulations

A copy of the Parklands regulations can be found on the Centennial Parklands page: