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Improving the connection from Moore Park to Mount Steel

Greater Sydney Parklands is improving the connection between the Moore Park Garden footbridge over South Dowling Street to Mount Steel.

Work is expected to commence in March 2024 and will continue for approximately 12 weeks, weather dependent.
The connection pathway will see a new crushed sandstone surface blend seamlessly into the environment as well as plantings of new native plants and trees, and a new chain-wire fence. The new fence will also offer increased height for improved safety.

The Mount Steel connection path will improve connectivity and permeability identified in the Moore Park Master Plan 2040.
The connection path (marked red below) will be closed to the public during the construction; however, there is an alternate 3m-wide shared path along South Dowling Street and the nearby Bat and Ball Oval (path marked in blue below). This shared path is open for use at all times.
Connection from Moore Park to Mount Steel map

This upgrade is being undertaken for safety reasons and to enhance connections to Moore Park and the Mount Steel look-out.
We have listened to community feedback and have used materials that are sensitive to the natural look and feel of the surrounding areas.
Widening the connection path by 2 metres and providing higher fencing will greatly enhance safety for park users including walkers, joggers, and dog walkers. The extended boundary will also offer increased height to fencing to improve safety from golf balls.
Three trees will be removed. One is a weed species and the other two are in poor condition. There will be fourteen new trees planted, including new shrubs, such as coast banksia, brush box, scribbly gum, tussock grass and lomandra.