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Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre Electrical Upgrade

Centennial Parklands is undertaking electrical upgrade works across the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre from June to September 2020.  

  • Project: Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre Electrical Upgrade Works 

  • Location: Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, Lang Road, Moore Park 

  • Project timing: 9 June to late September 2020  

Project works  

Works will include upgrading the Centre’s electrical wiring, power boards and the installation of new weather-proof power points in all stables.  

The electrical switch boards will also be replaced throughout the Pavilions and outer stable rows. 

Project timing  

The project will be undertaken in a phased approach to ensure the facility can remain functional and operational throughout the works.  

Sections of the Centre will be completed in phases as shown in Figure 1 and 2 below.  

Non-disruptive investigation work will commence on Tuesday 9 June with the main works commencing from 22 June running through to the end of September. 

Please note the below timings provided in the map and table are indicative of the project plan and may be subject to change due to phases being completed quicker than anticipated or delays due to unexpected issues arising.  

We ask that all clients and licensees be flexible with timings. The Project team will liaise with clients and licensees throughout the project to ensure adequate information and timings are communicated appropriately to minimise impacts and allow a fast turn-around between emptying a pavilion or row and inhabiting another space.  

CPEC Electrical Upgrade Works Map 2020
Figure 1:  Map of locations and timings
Location Timing Operational Impacts 
Non-disruptive Investigation works  Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 June    None
Phase 1: Investigation works  Monday 15 to Friday 19 June  None
Phase 2: B Pavilion  Monday 22 June to Friday 3 July  2 weeks work, 2 days power disruption 
Phase 3: D Pavilion   Monday 7 to Friday 27 July   3 weeks work, 2 days power disruption  
Phase 4: C Pavilion Monday 27 July to Friday 14 August   3 weeks work, 2 days power disruption 
Phase 5: A Pavilion & L Row Monday 17 August to Friday 4 September   3 weeks work, 2 days power disruption 
Phase 6: E Row   Monday 7 to Friday 11 September   1 weeks work, 1 day power disruption
Phase 7: F Row   Monday 14 to Friday 18 September   1 weeks work, 1 day power disruption 
Final Phase: Lawn next to Manager’s Office   Monday 21 to Friday 25 September  1 weeks work, 1 day power disruption 

Figure 2: Timing, locations and impacts

Operational impacts  

Moving requirements  

To allow the project to be undertaken safely and efficiently, private clients and some licensees will be required to move out of their pavilion or row, and into a temporary location while the works are completed. 

Some labour assistance will be provided to assist you move larger items and belongings to and from the temporary allocated location. Centre Management will be in direct contact with those affected to coordinate the relocation ahead of your scheduled timing to ensure adequate allocation of time and resources. 

We ask that you please keep your area clean, tidy and uncluttered before and after the works to ensure all spaces are safe and compliant. 

We strongly recommend that you commence decluttering and tidying your items so that when required to move, the process is more efficient.  

Any larger items that are being discarded should be taken off site for disposal. Smaller items may be placed in the red lidded skip bin adjacent to L Row or the general red lidded waste bins throughout the Centre. 

Power disruptions  

There will be some days where the power will be required to be turned off in your area. If there are days that you require power for operation ie school holidays or busier days or trade, please liaise directly with the Project team or Centre Manager so they can schedule works. 

Noise and movements  

There will be no impacts during the non-invasive works in early June. From late June there will be an increase of noise (drilling sounds) and vehicle movements throughout the Centre but no major impacts.  

Please take care and follow any instructions from Centre Management, the contractors or the project team throughout the works.  

Contractor location  

The contractor, Jaydub Electrical, will be using the C Pavilion Meeting Room as the site office for the duration of the works. The contractors are aware of the sensitive nature of the environment and will work to minimise noise when accessing and using the room.  

Further information  

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact the Centre Manager's Office