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Plan of Management

The Centennial Parklands Plan of Management has been endorsed by the Trust and the former Minister for Tourism and Sport and Recreation.

It is a 'big picture' planning document for all of Centennial Parklands. It sits above and guides the development and implementation of other plans and strategies.

This Plan of Management updates the 1998 Plan to reflect the Trust’s increased land holdings and provides a strengthened and more detailed management framework than the previous Plan.

It is supported by a number of other formal Master Plans and Management Strategies that have been adopted by the Trust and approved by the Minister for Sport and Recreation in the interim.


In developing the Plan, the Trust sought input from a wide range of interested stakeholders and has carefully considered the many comments received from the community on the draft Plan.

During its formulation the direction and content of the Plan were reviewed at several stages by an external reference committee comprising senior professionals in the Parks and Open Space industry.

The Trust’s Community Consultative Committee also provided valuable feedback for the concepts being developed.

Download the Plan

Download the Plan of Management 2006-2016 (PDF, 2.1 MB)