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Light Rail rectification works – Moore Park West

Moore Park West features four combination fields for rugby and soccer (winter only) and three cricket wickets (primarily used in summer). Moore Park Wicket 03 has been prone to flooding as a result of the Light Rail project in 2019. This has also directly impacted Moore Park Wicket 01, located to the west, with a build-up of water which has significantly impacted the playing surface quality for all sports.

Remediation works are now underway to rectify this defect by constructing a new sub surface drainage system to assist the surface quality of the area and a complete re-sprigging of the field. These works will improve surface quality and safety for long-term community use.

  • Project: Light Rail rectification works – Moore Park West

  • Location: Moore Park West - MP Wicket 03

  • Project timing:  Octtober 2021 to March 2022 (weather permitting)

  • Project owner:  Transport for NSW and Acconia  

Project description 

MP Wicket 03 in Moore Park West will undergo extensive sports field rectification works including:

  • Earthworks and installation of new drainage

  • Complete returfing (sprigging) of the playing surface

  • Irrigation works


The below provides an indicative outline of the proposed site compound.

Project timing 

Activity  Timing
Spraying of existing surface  21 October
Construction of access driveway off Anzac Parade  Monday 25 October
Sports Facility Close / Site establishment 1 November
Earthworks and drainage works Complete by mid-December
Returfing and grow in of sprigs Mid December to end March

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the works starting now, just as the summer cricket season gets underway?
Agreement has been reached with between Acconia and Transport for NSW to complete these outstanding defect works from the Light Rail Project. Greater Sydney Parklands pushed for the works to be rectified given the ongoing drainage issues on the playing surface and cricket wicket as a result of the Light Rail project. These rectification works will restore the field to the standard expected of fields in Moore Park
Where will teams that usually use the field be able to play cricket this summer?

A playing field at Moore Park East, known as Upper Kippax, near the Sydney Football Stadium is currently being restored for community use. Works include returfind and a new synthetic cricket pitch. Teams will be invited to use this field while the rectification works are completed on Moore Park Wicket 03. Find out more about the works here.

Will the community still be able to access the fields?

The works zone will be clearly delineated by temporary fencing and all visitors will still be able to access all other areas in the Moore Park West area. 

Why is a driveway needed and how will safety of pedestrians be guaranteed? Will the driveway remain after the works are completed?

A temporary driveway will be built to allow access to the works site which will create separation from the other nearby playing fields. This driveway is required to mitigate the need for construction vehicles to travel across the Light Rail tunnel that runs under Moore Park West which has specific vehicle loading requirements. Paths of travel across designated pathways will remain unaffected.

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