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McKay Fields 2 & 3 Upgrades

McKay Sports Fields 2 and 3 are heavily used and the community rely on their availability and safe use for organised sport and passive recreation. The fields currently do not have proper drainage and irrigation to support good turf management.

Construction of in-ground irrigation and drainage systems is underway, to improve the quality of the playing fields for organised sport and Parkland open space for community use.

  • Project: McKay Fields 2 and 3 Upgrades

  • Location: Grand Drive, near Randwick Gates, Centennial Parklands

  • Project timing: 20 September 2021 to April 2022

  • Project owner: Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust (Trust)

Project description 

McKay Fields 2 and 3 is being upgraded to improve safety, usability and drainage.

Works will include:

  • A new subsurface drainage system
  • Automatic irrigation system
  • Regrade and new playing field – complete returfing of the fields
  • Synthetic pitch replacement
  • Reconfiguration of the fields to provide full size soccer, rugby and cricket fields.



Project timing 

Works will start on Monday 20 September 2021 and forecast to be completed by the end of February 2022.

Activity Timing
Site Survey and Establishment, including fencing Sep 2021
Drainage and irrigation works  Oct 2021 - Mid Nov 2021
Turf Installation and establishment and new cricket pitch   Mid Nov 2021 - Mid Feb 2022
Construction complete and fields reopen  End of Feb 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I still be able to walk across the fields or use them for passive recreation?

No, due to the nature of the works, the fields will be unavailable for the length of construction. The fields will be fenced for community safety. The remaining sporting fields in Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park are available for community use when not being used for organised sport.

2. Will the fields be able to be used for cricket over summer?

No, the fields will be closed over summer, with regular users provided with alternate fields to use. The fields will be open in time for the start of the winter sporting season, March 2022.

3. Why are the fields being closed now during lockdown, when there are more people using the space for daily exercise and recreation?

The works were scheduled prior to the COVID lockdown and will continue now to ensure they can be open in time for the winter sports season. The upgrade will improve the playing surface, amenity and longevity of the fields to ensure they can be enjoyed by the community well into the future.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hestiate to contact us.