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Kensington Ponds remediation works – Monday 17 January 2022

Published on 13 Jan 2022

Greater Sydney Parklands is committed to protecting, respecting, and caring for the natural environment and making our parklands safe and enjoyable for everyone.

A section of the bank at Kensington Pond, near the new Boardwalk, has significantly eroded from recent ongoing and heavy rain and dogs leaving the boardwalk to try to access the pond area.
The erosion is significant and poses a safety risk for park visitors. It also impacts habitat for wildlife with the loss of soil, vegetation, shade and refuge areas. Extra protections and plantings were put in place when the Boardwalk was built, which will be looked at as part of these important works.

Remediation works start on Monday 17 January and include the following:

  • Construction of sandstone block retaining wall

  • Extension of existing drainage through the sandstone wall

  • Backfilling and new vegetation behind the wall

Works will take around five days to complete, weather permitting. 
The Boardwalk will remain open and accessible during the works, although not the whole width, so please take extra care when using the Boardwalk.

Kensington Ponds remediation works map

A reminder for park visitors entering Centennial Parklands via the Boardwalk that:

  • Dogs should be on a lead when using the Boardwalk

  • Dogs should be on a lead near ponds (within ten metres) and are prohibited from entering the water

  • Feeding of wildlife is discouraged, as it upsets the delicate ecological balance of the ponds as well as bird populations

  • The Boardwalk has been built to provide a new and accessible entry to the Parklands whilst protecting the natural environment of the Pond at the same time. Please stay on the Boardwalk, along with any animals or children, and avoid walking on the banks around the ponds.