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Tree pruning works – Melaleuca Grove – 25 January 2022

Published on 27 Jan 2022
Tree pruning works – Melaleuca Grove – 25 January 2022

Tree pruning have been completed on a large cottonwood (Populus deltoides), opposite the Centennial Homestead Café, following branch failure just before Christmas last year.

The tree, has been extensively pruned, in the interests of public safety, and has been retained as it provides important habitat for a multitude of important wildlife, including the threatened Powerful Owl, kookaburras, rainbow lorrikeets, suphur-crested cockatoos and honeybees.

Honeybees were found in the fallen branch and the whole hive have been relocated to a new location with expert help from apiarists.

More extensive pruning was undertaken, following advice from our resident arborists, to ensure the tree could survive, along with the precious tree hollows, and would be still safe for park visitors. The tree is now what we call a ‘living stag’ with new shoots and canopy expected in spring to provide shade for park visitors and local wildlife. ‘Living stags’ have a life expectancy of around 10-15 years with the team at Centennial Park committed to continue to monitor the tree to ensure it can provide enjoyment to visitors and valuable habitat for years to come.
Tree pruning works in Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands staff care for over 16,000 trees across Moore Park, Queens Park and Centennial Park with over 200 new trees planted since January 2021. Our team spend a lot of time caring for our Parklands' beautiful trees, to ensure they live for as long as they can.

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