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Sports field rejuvenation works [Aug - Sep 2023]

Published on 24 Aug 2023

Centennial Parklands is committed to ensuring our sporting fields are maintained to a high standard for community enjoyment. Sporting fields require ongoing maintenance to be able to serve the community effectively.

The Parklands fields are currently undergoing their annual rejuvenation program. Every year, between the winter and summer seasons, our community sporting fields get some much-needed attention. Repairs are undertaken, particularly around the goal post high-traffic areas, as well as returfing, aeration and fertilisation. It is a time of rest and recuperation for the fields to ensure they are in optimal condition for the summer season ahead. 

All sporting fields in Centennial Parklands are currently closed to organised sport, which presents a high intense use of these spaces. We are asking the community to be mindful of rejuvenation works, especially returfed areas, and encourage the use of other parts of the Parklands where possible throughout the rejuvenation period. 

The fields will be restored in stages, with all the works to be completed within six weeks, weather permitting.     

A Sports Field in Centennial Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have posts been removed? They are being used by families every day. When will posts go back up? 
The posts have been removed to facilitate the annual turf renovations and prevent further turf degradation. The posts will be reinstated for next year’s winter sports season, which is set to commence on 23 March 2024. 

Goalmouth areas receive high traffic which creates severe damage to the fields. The works will restore worn areas and make them safer for the year ahead.  

I have been using the fields every day, will I still be able to access the fields?
The fields are currently closed for organised sport. Signs will be in place. We are asking the community to be mindful of rejuvenation works, especially returfed areas, and encourage the use of other parts of the Parklands for exercise.  

Which fields are being rejuvenated? Is it all of them or only some of them? Is there a schedule of works so I know which fields to avoid? 
All Centennial Parklands fields including Moore Park and Queens Park will be renovated. The majority of works will be completed between 28 August and 15 September. Watering of new turf will take place during the day until the grass has grown sufficient roots to draw water from the soil.

How long will the rejuvenation works take place?
Rye spraying started in early August. Rejuvenation works will start on 28 August and take approximately six weeks to complete, weather permitting. 

When does the summer season start?
The summer season will commence on 30 September 2023, with all fields active by 14 October 2023.

Will posts be up during the summer season?
Following our annual field rejuvenation program, the Parklands will configure all fields for their summer sports. To view our summer configuration, please click on the link to view our summer sports field map.

If you have any concerns, please don't hestiate to contact us.