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Operational changes in Centennial Park for Sydney City Limits (Sat 24 February)

Published on 15 Feb 2018

The inaugural Sydney City Limits music event will take place in Centennial Park on Saturday 24 February.

Sydney City Limits is an all-ages, family friendly, outdoor music festival and takes place from 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm with up to 20,000 visitors expected to attend.

For general event and ticketing information please visit the Sydney City Limits website and for Centennial Park operational information please visit our FAQ’s here.

Operational changes in Centennial Park

Traffic changes

On event day, there will be traffic changes and road closures inside Centennial Park for pedestrians and vehicle traffic to note.

Closures will be in place on the following roads inside the precinct:

  • Parkes Drive: closed all day from Paddington Gates to Dickens Drive.
  • Hamilton Drive: closed all day
  • Dickens Drive: closed all day east of Parkes Drive to Grand Drive
  • Loch Avenue South: closed between Dickens Drive and Grand Drive
  • Jervois Avenue: Closed from 4.00 pm 23 February and all day on the 24 February

Police managed closure of external roads will be implemented as required from 9.00 pm until 11.00 pm.

Gate changes and closures

  • Paddington Gates and Jervois Gates closed all day
  • All other vehicle gates remain open until 8.00 pm.

Horse Track impacts

  • The horse track will be closed from the corner of Parkes Drive and Grand Drive to Loch Avenue from Friday 23 February until Monday 26 February 2018. During this time a full lap of the Horse Track cannot be completed.
  • Riders wishing to access the Equestrian Grounds must turn right when entering the Track through the chicane at Robertson Road entry.
  • Centennial Park will be closed to all equestrian use from 11.00 am on event day. All riders entering the Park must exit by 11 am after which the Centennial Park Equestrian Centre horse gates will be closed.
  • A section of the Horse Track fence at Parade Grounds will be removed to allow access to the event site on Friday morning. Riders must use caution when in this vicinity.

Cycle Lane

  • The cycle lane will be open, however we expect congestion between Parkes Drive and Loch Avenue on the event day. There will be large crowds crossing into Parade Grounds towards the event entry point.

Jogging Track

  • The jogging track with be open, however we expect congestion on the track between Parkes Drive and Loch Avenue on the event day. Large crowds will be crossing into Parade Grounds towards the event entry point.

Ian Potter Children's WILD PLAY Garden

  • The Garden will remain open and accessible throughout the day while the major event is running.

Sound management information

Sydney City Limits sound checks and rehearsals will be carried out between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm on Friday 23 February and from 10.00 am until 12.00 noon on Saturday 24 February 2018.

The Centennial Parklands Event Hotline will be operational during all times of sound checks, rehearsals and event sound.

Hotline phone numbers 

  • (02) 9339 6616

All event organisers in Centennial Parklands must comply with the requirements of the Centennial Parklands Noise Management Plan, which you can access here.

Further information

While we inform all immediate neighbours of events that may require traffic changes by letterbox drop, we provide information via our website, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter and the What’s On brochure. You can sign up to our eNewsletters here or join our online community via Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are informed.

For more event information visit the Sydney City Limits FAQ.

To purchase tickets visit the Sydney City Limits website here.