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Light Rail Project: safety testing begins May 2019

Published on 24 Apr 2019

The CBD & South East Light Rail project has now scheduled the third stage of Testing and Commissioning for May 2019 between Land Road and Darley Road.

While this moves us a step closer to the start of light rail passenger services, it is also an important reminder to stay safe and to be aware of changes such as track installation, overhead wires and the presence of trams.

Trams can move quickly and quietly so always check your environment.

The process takes place in three stages:

Stage 1 Completed 

Overhead wire installation

  • Poles are installed along the rail corridor to support the overhead wires.

  • Workers install support ‘arms’ to the poles (cantilevers) that will carry the overhead wires above the trams and allow connections from pole to pole.

  • Workers will pull overhead wires from pole to pole.

  • Workers will carry out testing and adjustments to ensure the wires are safely attached.

  • ​More information about Stage 1 Testing can be veiwed and downloaded here.

Stage 2 Completed 

Overhead energisation

  • Always assume wires are live. Remember – Look up and stay safe!

  • When an area becomes a ‘test zone’ signs will be installed on poles and as required overhead to warn that overhead wires are electrified and hazardous.

  • Hazard zones will be established surrounding all activated areas, meaning that any future work activity in the vicinity by any party will require approved permits before proceeding.

  • With testing underway and construction entering its final phases many of the barriers will start to be removed, ensuring that we can all become familiar with light rail before services commence.

Stage 3 scheduled for May 2019 

Tram testing

  •  From May: Testing and commissioning of the Light Rail network will commence between Lang Road and Darley Road.

  • All related infrastructure is live and Light Rail Vehicles will be in operation.

  • ​Testing will start at night, operating at low speed. Over time, testing speeds will increase and take place during the day.

  • Testing will continue along different parts of the alignment until the light rail is operational.

Information about the three stages can be downloaded here and safety information can be viewed here.

Should you have any questions regarding this work, please call 1800 684 490 for enquiries.

If you have any urgent concerns while the works are being undertaken, please contact the Transport for NSW 24 hour Construction Response Line on 1800 775 465.