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Current opportunities

Centennial Parklands welcomes business proposals that will add to the experience of our more than 30 million visitors each year.

Business proposals must relate to services and/or products that enhance the Parklands' image and brand, and be consistent with the Parklands' values.

As a NSW Government agency we need to follow normal procurement processes. Our procurement processes are transparent and fair and give service providers an equal opportunity to gain access to the Parklands for commercial ventures.

When seeking specific goods or services we will advertise these on our website. Even if you think your proposal is ‘unique’, if we agreed that there may be a market for your business it would be normal practice for us to undertake a market testing process by seeking formal proposals from the wider market.

We are not intending to change the current amount of green space, so it is unlikely that we would agree to new buildings that result in the amount of green space being reduced.

Our Commercial Services team is available to respond to your enquiries. Email Commercial Services or call (02) 9339 6699.

Currently open business opportunities in Centennial Parklands

Commercial opportunities
Request for Proposals – Building 497 – Callan Park
In July 2020, Greater Sydney Parklands (GSP) was created within the Place, Design and Public Spaces Branch of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) cluster.

In December 2020, Callan Park was vested under the control and management of the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust (CPMPT).

Callan Park is a place of significant heritage, especially recognised for its rich architectural heritage and history as a psychiatric hospital. CPMPT has significantly invested in the restoration of a number of heritage buildings on the site and will be inviting Proposals for the lease of buildings and facilities as they become available.

Building 497 has been vacant for many years and has recently undergone a significant upgrade allowing it to be made ready for adaptive reuse. CPMPT proposes to undertake further additional Landlord Works, anticipated to be completed by April 2022.

CPMPT is now in a position to invite Proposals for Building 497 from community not-for-profit groups, including district and local sports groups, interested in leasing the building, following the completion of the Landlord Works.

CPMPT wishes to secure a tenant to occupy and manage access and use of Building 497 by multiple community user groups, to ensure that the asset is activated, used for a beneficial community purpose, and the building is secured and maintained throughout the lease term.

Building 497 is located within the Waterfront Sporting Ground precinct and is envisaged as a community facility which caters to the needs of multiple user groups and complements the existing uses on site, particularly those on Waterfront Sporting Ground fields managed by the Inner West Council.

A lease term of up to 10 years is being offered.

Interested and want more information?
CPMPT undertakes its procurement activities in accordance with NSW Government procurement policy, codes of practice and guidelines. Opportunities are advertised on NSW eTendering.
For further information and to download a copy of all relevant documents, please visit NSW eTendering, register and follow the links to:
RFP SR3169053362.

History of Building 497

Broughton Hall Estate was offered to the government to accommodate shell-shocked soldiers in 1915, becoming the 13th Army Auxiliary Hospital, the first hospital facility dealing specifically with soldiers' mental health. After this time, repatriation services became one of the main functions of Callan Park, with additional facilities built in the grounds. Repatriation Hospital Ward B (B497) was the first purpose-built ward constructed in the early 1920s to a design by the Government Architect. The design is arranged around a central mess hall with ward wings at each side.

Located adjacent to the waterfront zone, the building is classified as having low heritage significance in the 2002 and the 2011 Conservation Management Plans for the overall site. However, there is no doubt that B497 has historical and social value as the first purpose-built structure related to the Repatriation Hospital.