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Current opportunities

Centennial Parklands welcomes business proposals that will add to the experience of our more than 30 million visitors each year.

Business proposals must relate to services and/or products that enhance the Parklands' image and brand, and be consistent with the Parklands' values. 

As a NSW Government agency we need to follow normal procurement processes. Our procurement processes are transparent and fair and give service providers an equal opportunity to gain access to the Parklands for commercial ventures. 

When seeking specific goods or services we will advertise these on our website. Even if you think your proposal is ‘unique’, if we agreed that there may be a market for your business it would be normal practice for us to undertake a market testing process by seeking formal proposals from the wider market. 

We are not intending to change the current amount of green space, so it is unlikely that we would agree to new buildings that result in the amount of green space being reduced. 

Leasing opportunities at Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park, including Centennial Park Equestrian Centre are generally done via an open market process and are advertised on our website and the NSW Governments eTendering website. 

If you have any questions regarding our leasing process or would like to enquiry about a specific opportunity please email the Property Services team at 

Currently open business opportunities in Centennial Parklands
To submit a Landowners Consent Application please download and complete our Landowners Consent (LOC) Application form. Email the completed application and all relevant supporting documents to the Property Services Team at: 
To reduce processing times please ensure that your application includes: 
  • a completed application form, 
  • detailed description of proposed works, duration of works and estimated cost, 
  • all relevant documents, drawings, and reports to support the request. 

Application fee 

Each application will attract a $150.00 processing fee. The fee will be invoiced to the tenant upon receipt of the completed application and must be paid in full prior to the landowner’s consent process being finalised. 

Processing timeframe 

Once we have received all required information we will aim to review and respond to your application within 15 Business Days. Any period where additional information or clarification is sought or where we are waiting on payment of your application fee is excluded from this indicative processing timeframe. 

Additional frame 

If you require additional information, please refer to our FAQ page or email the Property Services Team at