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Sydney Marathon 2023 FAQs

What is the Sydney Marathon?

The Sydney Marathon, now an official candidate to become an Abbott World Marathon Majors race, is the sole remaining participant legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It incorporates four separate events:

  • The Sydney Marathon 42.195km (through Centennial Park and Moore Park)
  • Sydney Marathon 21.1km (through Centennial Park and Moore Park)
  • Sydney Marathon 10km
  • Sydney Marathon 3.5km
This year the event will be held on Sunday 17 September 2023. The Sydney Marathon will pass through Moore Park and Centennial Park with runners entering Centennial Park around 6:00am. As the Marathon comes through Centennial Park and Moore Park, there will be some operational changes in place across the Parklands detailed below. Please note all roads and vehicle gates in Centennial Park will be closed on the day until approximately 2:00pm. Road closures will also be in place around Moore Park and the Entertainment Quarter. If you are visiting the Parklands on this day, please read through the below FAQs for details on temporary access changes, which are different from previous years. We thank the community for your understanding.


Where can I find more information about the event and how to attend?

For information about the event, how to register, or how to get there visit

Where is the best place to spectate and cheer on the runners?

Runners are closing in on the final part of their race once they reach Moore Park and Centennial Park, so they will appreciate all the support they can get. You can support from any parts of Centennial Park and Moore Park via pedestrian access. If you are seeking out some entertainment and a family-friendly atmosphere, we suggest you head to the live spectator hub opposite Sydney Cricket Ground, Gate A. For more information visit

Which areas of Centennial Parklands are impacted by this event and when?

Centennial Park and Moore Park are included in the Marathon route and will have operational changes in place until 2:00pm. Please read through these FAQs for more details.

I am not attending the event, will I still be able to access Centennial Parklands on the event day/s?

For safety reasons, all roads and vehicle gates in Centennial Park will be closed on the day of the event until 2:00pm. Driver Avenue in Moore Park will also be closed until 2:00pm. Pedestrians may enter the Park at any time. There will be pedestrian access only in Centennial Park until 2:00pm with no equestrian or cycling access permitted until the park re-opens at 2:00pm.

What will the traffic and access impacts be (internal and external)?

Gate closures
All Centennial Park gates will be closed until approximately 2:00pm.

Road closures
All roads in Centennial Parklands will be closed until approximately 2:00pm.

External road closures
Extensive road closures and special event clearways will be in place across the Sydney CBD for this event. Specific road closures will be in place around Centennial Park and Moore Park.

Parking restrictions
No parking will be permitted in Centennial Park until after 2:00pm.

Mobility Pass Holder access
No entry to Centennial Park until after 2:00pm.

Horse and rider access
No equestrian access to Centennial Park until approximately 2:00pm. Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre can be accessed via Cook Road.There is no access from Driver Avenue or eastbound on Lang Road due to road closures until 2:00pm.

Cyclist and rollerblader access
No cycling or rollerblading is permitted in Centennial Park until 2:00pm.

I am a local resident, how can I access my street?

Residents in Robertson Road, Martin Road, Oxley Lane, and Dibbs Street will not be able to enter/exit during course lockdown periods (various times between 4:00am - 1:30pm). If you require vehicle access during road closures, please park at the Entertainment Quarter. Event organizers will offer reimbursements for parking costs if conditions outlined in the form are met. Despite road closures, there will be managed vehicle access times for residents to/from Robertson Rd (times subject to change):

  • 4:00am - 6:00am
  • 7:30am - 8:15am
  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Please follow directions from NSW Police and Traffic Controllers.


Will Centennial Parklands dining, Spruce Goose and children’s play areas (including The Ian Potter Children's WILD PLAY Garden) be open as usual?

Centennial Parklands dining, including e.g. Centennial Homestead, Spruce Goose and children’s play areas (including The Ian Potter Children's WILD PLAY Garden) will be open as usual, with pedestrian access only until approximately 2:00pm.

Note that the water feature at The Ian Potter Children's WILD PLAY Garden will also be turned off for the entire day as it is undergoing essential maintenance and the supplier won't be able to access the site because of the event.

Will the Centennial Park Cycle Hire still be operating?

Yes after 2:00pm.

Will there be any sound impacts related to this event?

Localised sound only. We are committed to complying with all legislation and guidelines covering amplified sound levels at outdoor events. The Centennial Parklands’ Noise Management Plan is available on our website:

How can I find out more information on scheduled events in Centennial Parklands?

While we inform all immediate neighbors of events that may require traffic changes by letterbox drop, we also provide information via our website, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter, What’s On brochure, local publications, and/or (at times) via letterbox drop. To receive up-to-date information about events and operational changes, you can sign up for our eNewsletters here or join our online community via Facebook and Twitter.

What other events are scheduled to be held in Centennial Parklands?

Visit our What’s On web page to see what other events are happening in Centennial Parklands:

How do I find out about holding an event in Centennial Parklands?

Centennial Parklands has a range of venues for hire to suit a variety of different events. Please visit our venue hire web page to learn more: