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FAQs about the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge

Q.        What is the event?
A.        The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is an international running event that is part of a 15-city, eight-country, six-continent J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Series.
The fun run has taken place in major cities around the world for over 47 years, this year marks the 21st year the event has been run in Centennial Park.
The event will be held on Wednesday 25 October 2023 and will see approximately 9000 participants in corporate teams attend. The 5.6 km run will take place on closed roads within Centennial Park commencing at 6.30 pm.
Q.        Where can I find more information about the event and how to attend?
A.        For event information, how to register and how to get to Centennial Park, please visit the event at
Q.        Which areas of Centennial Parklands are impacted by this event and when?
A.        The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge event site will be located on the Parade Grounds in Centennial Park with a 5.6 km road running course within the Park.
An event of this size requires a number of days to install and dismantle the infrastructure. The event site will be closed to the public for safety reasons from Friday 20 October to Friday 27 October 2023.
Q.        I am not attending the event, will I still be able to access Centennial Parklands on the event day/s?
A.        Yes, pedestrians will still have access to Centennial Park on the event day, however the Park's gates will close to vehicles from 1:00pm and cyclists from 4:00pm with some traffic and access restrictions in place around the Park. Moore Park and Queens Park will operate as per normal.
Q.        What will the traffic and access impacts be?
A.        Centennial Park will be open to all park users and spectators as normal on event day; however, there will be some traffic and access restrictions in place for safety reasons from 1:00pm.
The Park’s gates will be closed to all public vehicles from 1.00 pm on the day for the event. Public vehicles may remain in the Park, but must leave prior to the event through the Randwick EXIT gates, which will remain open until 5:00pm.
In addition, cyclists, horses and rollerbladers will not be permitted to enter the Park after 4:00pm and must exit by 5:00pm.
There will be no external road closures related to this event.
To facilitate easier patron access and parking in the vicinity the following traffic changes will occur:

Road Closures

  • ALL DAY:
    • Hamilton Drive
    • Grand Drive between Café Corner and Loch Avenue
  • FROM 1:00pm:
    • Carrington Drive eastbound from Parkes Drive
    • Dickens Drive from Parkes Drive eastbound to Grand Drive
    • Loch Ave from Dickens to Robinson Drive

Gate Closures

  • All vehicle gates in Centennial Park will be open as normal until 1:00pm.
  • At 1:00pm all entry gates will close for the remainder of the day. Only Randwick EXIT gates will remain open for vehicles remaining in the Park until 5:00pm.

Parking restrictions:

  • In addition to road closures, all roads internal to Grand Drive have reserved parking for event supplier vehicles.
  • Public Parking is available on all other open roads as normal, however all public vehicles must exit the park by 5:00pm. 
  • There is no event patron parking inside the Park.

Mobility Pass Holder access:

  • Once the vehicle gates close, only Mobility Pass Holders will have access through checkpoint at Randwick Gates.
  • A Mobility Pass must be produced if requested and entry is permitted until 4.00pm.
  • Vehicles must exit by 5:00pm through Randwick EXIT gates.
  • Any vehicles remaining on site by 5:00pm lockdown will not be permitted to move until course reopens (approx. 8:30pm). Vehicles may then exit through Randwick EXIT Gates.

Horse and rider access:

  • The horse track will be closed from Café Corner to the Wild Play Garden chicane from Monday 23 October until Friday 27 October.
  • There will also be some truck deliveries to the Parade Grounds site from Friday 20 October to Sunday 22 October and traffic control will be on site to manage their crossing of the horse track.
  • On event day, the horse track will be closed from Grand Drive corner of Dickens Dr to the Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden chicane from midday Wednesday 25 October.
  • Horses may enter the Park until 4:00pm and must exit the park by no later than 5:00pm.
  • Horses will have access through Robertson Road Gates as normal, however a full circuit of the Horse Track cannot be completed during this time.

Cyclist, Rollerblader and E-scooter access:

May enter the Park until 4:00pm but must exit by 5:00pm. Please follow Ranger directions if requested.

Q.        Will Centennial Homestead be open as usual?
A.        Yes, Centennial Homestead opening hours as per usual.
Q.        Will Spruce Goose Diner be open as usual?
A.        Yes, Spruce Goose opening hours as per usual until 2:00pm.
Q.        Will the Greenhouse Café be open as usual?
A.        Yes, Greenhouse Cafe will be open as per usual.
Q.        Will the Centennial Park Cycle Hire still be operating?
A.        Yes, Centennial Park Cycle Hire will be open as per usual.
Q.        Will there be any sound impacts related to this event?
A.        The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is not a music event however there will be a stage and large screen making amplified announcements during the course of the event. A VIP hospitality marquee will also have ambient amplified sound contained within the marquee.
Sound check times will be Tuesday 24 October from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and Wednesday 25 October from 1:00pm to 2:30pm and event sound from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. The event hotline number is (02) 9339 - 6616 during sound operating times.
The Trust is committed to complying with all legislation and guidelines covering amplified sound levels at outdoor events. Read its Noise Management Plan here.
Q.        How can I find out more information on scheduled events in Centennial Parklands?
A.        While we inform all immediate neighbours of events that may require traffic changes by letterbox drop, we provide information via our website, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter, What’s On brochure, local publications and/or (at times) via letterbox drop. You can sign up to our eNewsletter here or join our online community via Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are informed.
Q.        What other events are scheduled to take place in Centennial Parklands?
A.        Visit our What’s On web page here to see what other events are happening in Centennial Parklands.
Q.        How do I find out about holding an event in Centennial Parklands?
A.        Centennial Parklands has a range of venues for hire to suit a variety of different events.  Please visit our venue hire web page here to learn more.